Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kawasaki Ninja 250R

The Kawasaki Ninja 250R is a motorcycle originally introduced by Kawasaki in 1983. As the marque's entry-level sports bike. The motorcycle has undergone few changes throughout its quarter-century lifetime, having received only two substantial redesigns.The fourth-generation model is marketed as the Ninja 250R in all markets. The motorcycle is also referred to by its platform designation, EX250, to which a generational suffix is attached.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Latest and the Fastest MotorBikes in the World

Kawasaki 250R Ninja (2008-current):-

New price-£2,995
Engine size-249cc
Top speed-

A major overhaul of the old, forgotten about ZZ-R/GPX 250 engine has bought Kawasaki Ninja 250R bang up date by being environmentally friendly and as easy to use as a Raleigh bicycle. The Kawasaki Ninja 250R’s claimed 33bhp is spread thinner than gold plating – there’s no sensation of the power coming into play or fading as the motor spins to 14,000rpm so very quickly. Fuel injection does what it does precise and cleanly, which kinda sums up the motor.The Kawasaki Ninja 250R is a lithesome agile number that makes the most of narrow tyres, high-ish bars and minimalist 154 dry weight figure. It all adds up to make town work and B-road rides a hoot – think slightly more powerful 125cc sports learner motorcycle and you’ll be spot on. The Kawasaki Ninja 250R’s suspension is perfectly suited to all but the worst of UK roads but lacks any damping adjustment, which is a blow on the rear side because the single rear shock needs more preload to keep the bike from getting all floaty and bottoming out.

Yamaha YZF-R125 (2008-current New price -£2,999
Engine size -124cc
Power -14.6bhp
Top speed -75mph

The new 696 Monster is Ducati’s most important bike, this is the bike that brings in the money and the sales, and thankfully it seems Ducati have got it spot on with the all new Monster. Thankfully they’ve not played around with the styling too much, and just improved the old bike as a package, in terms of engine performance and handlingThe cylinder head of the new Ducati 696 Monster is now very similar to the two valve 1100 Multistrada’s. Bore and stroke remain the same but Ducati have managed to squeeze out and extra 9% of power. Thankfully it’s not lost any of its character, and still sounds and feels like a Monster

New price-£7,655
Engine size-1202cc
Top speed-125mph
Basically, perhaps very basically, the Harley-Davidson XR1200R is a good bike. Dynamically the XR1200R performs and handles better than any Harley before. It’s brisk (if not exactly fast), fun to throw around and looks good, too. The main disappointment is that it’s finish and spec is pretty crude and the XR1200R looks like its engineering came out of a Polish shipyard. That said, for Harley it’s a massive, hugely welcome and very significant accomplishment. Whatever it’s fault, because of the XR1200R, the motorcycling world is suddenly a better place. The Harley-Davidson XR1200R’s engine is a familiar pushrod V-twin based on that of XL1200 Sportster but with high compression 10.0:1 pistons a raised rev ceiling of 7000rpm, an all-new downdraught electronic sequential port fuel injection system and an upswept, high volume 2:1:2 exhausts. The result is 90bhp and 74ftlbs, compared to the Sportster’s 60-odd, and although suffering slightly from a slack throttle at low revs, it is, in the midrange up to the 7000rpm redline, brisk enough for an old school V-twin with a certain hunger to be through.
2008 Kawasaki ZX-10R
Engine size-1000cc
The Vintage Motorbikes

The earliest sportbikes-

Sportbikes as classics? Yep, when they’re first-year (1983) Honda Interceptors with then-new perimeter frames, liquid-cooled V-Fours, single-shock rear suspension and 16-inch wheels.

Rarest of the rare- Is that a period-correct bungee net? Attractive 1932 Triumph in the Daily Rider class.

An eye candy- Geronimo!!! Collapsible Excelsior Welbike accompanied British paratroopers out of the plane in WWII. Powered by a 98cc Single, it was good for 30 mph—more if the Germans were shooting.

Take that, Teutuls! People’s Choice-winning “Corrupted Triumph” chopper was as nice as anything seen on TV
A little something for the Velocette fans. Silver Thruxton café-racer with blue saddle is a nice change from the usual Velo all-black.
Chrome tank panel, scissors rear suspension, “bacon-slicer” outside flywheel, big lay-down cylinder—couldn’t be anything other than a Moto Guzzi Falcone.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Face of India - KALAM

Its been rightly said that the good times are less to stay and more to be felt and remembered.The presidential reign of Dr. APJ Kalam can surely be called the silver lining in the cloud of dirty politics. In this era of globalisation when people are stepping over each other to join the top slought ,Kalam was the one who gave his heart,soul and spirit with full dedication in streamlined direction of the welfare of the nation.He was a man of substance working without turbulence solely aiming on the provocation of literacy,prosperity of the nation,and peace in the integrated family called-INDIA.He is rightly called the Missile Man of India with nerves of steel,intelectual level of the highest stature and the willpower of the strongest virtue. He was someone who rightly did realise the true potent of the Indian youth and their inherent source of capability to raise the nation to greater heights. He truly was a people's president and has made remarkable differences during his era of reign and will remain as an example among the masses in the times to come as he has lived a life which truly justifies the phrase
"touch the sky with glory"

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fashionable grocery shopping

Hey there.......if you thought that the booming fashion fever was just limited to trendy clothes and accesories then get your concepts right ,for the young ,smart and trendy people have taken the fashion drain down their lane of kitchen and household!!!!!!!!

The traditional market for vegetbles and grocery seems to be losing its charm for young couples today as convenience becomes the buzzword.Despite initial resistance to the idea from some quaters,the era of supermarkets seems to be well on its way in the country.Slowly yet steadly making the Indian market the fourth largest retailing market by 2020.Infact grocery shopping has become rather an enjoyable chore thanks to the air conditioned departmental stores and supermarkets well stocked with a variety of foods of both Indian and international brands.In these supermarkets it is a pleasure to browse through so many varieties and pick what suits your family best.Indeed convenience seems to be the buzzword for something as mundane but necessary chore like grocery shopping for people on the move.

These shopping malls and air conditioned departmental stores give not only convenience but also touch-feel experience made them a popular order of the the end of the day with the competition hotting up.the obvious beneficiary is the cosumer - friendly with better array of products and cheaper prices.To sum it all up food marts are offering us quality and convenience and so its not surprising that they have become popular.