Monday, July 23, 2007

The Face of India - KALAM

Its been rightly said that the good times are less to stay and more to be felt and remembered.The presidential reign of Dr. APJ Kalam can surely be called the silver lining in the cloud of dirty politics. In this era of globalisation when people are stepping over each other to join the top slought ,Kalam was the one who gave his heart,soul and spirit with full dedication in streamlined direction of the welfare of the nation.He was a man of substance working without turbulence solely aiming on the provocation of literacy,prosperity of the nation,and peace in the integrated family called-INDIA.He is rightly called the Missile Man of India with nerves of steel,intelectual level of the highest stature and the willpower of the strongest virtue. He was someone who rightly did realise the true potent of the Indian youth and their inherent source of capability to raise the nation to greater heights. He truly was a people's president and has made remarkable differences during his era of reign and will remain as an example among the masses in the times to come as he has lived a life which truly justifies the phrase
"touch the sky with glory"

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